Frog in the Spring


There was a frog, lived in the spring,
King kong kitty, won't you kigh-me-oh?
And he had such a cold, he could not sing,
King kong kitty, won't you kigh-me-oh!

Kee-mo kigh-mo kigh-mo kee,
Away down yonder in a hollow tree,
A mouse and a bat and a bumble-bee,
King kong kitty won't you kigh-me-oh!

Muh-high, muh-ho,
Ricky-ticky tummy-tittle,
Soup-back pennywinkle ,
Nip-cat sing song,
Kitty won't you kigh-me-oh?

Who's been here since I been gone?
A pretty little man with his new shoes on.

A pretty little dandy man, said she,
With a crooked back and striped knee.