Amercan or Irish

I've been a moonshiner,
For seventeen long years,
I've spent all my money,
On whiskey and beer,
I go to some hollow,
And sit at my still
And if whiskey dont kill me,
Then I don’t know what will.

I go to some bar-room,
And drink with my friends,
Where the women can’t follow,
And see what I spend,
God bless them pretty women,
I wish they was mine,
Their breath is as sweet,
The dew on the vine.

Let me eat when I am hungry,
Let me drink when I am dry,
A dollar when I am hard up,
Religion when I die,
The whole world's a bottle,
And life's but a dram,
When the bottle gets empty,
It sure ain't worth a damn.

I’ll rune up my fiddle,
And I’ll rosen my bow,
I’ll make myself welcome,
Wherever I go,
Way up on Clinch mountain,
Where wild birds do roam,
I’m drunk as a devil,
Oh let me alone.