Peter Gray


Once on a time there lived a man,
His name was Peter Gray,
He lived way down in that ’ere town,
Called Penn-syl-va-ni-a.

Blow ye winds of morning,
Blow ye winds igh-o,
Blow ye winds of morning,
Blow, blow, blow.

Now Peter fell in love all with
A nice young girl,
The first three letters of her name
Were Lucy, Annie, Pearl.

Just as they were about to wed,
Her father did say no,
And quin-ci-cont-ly she was sent,
Beyond the Oh-i-o.

When Peter heard his love was lost,
He knew not what to say,
He'd half a mind to jump into,
The Susquehan-i-a.

But he went away out west
His forti-an to find,
And ever since we haven’t heard
A word of any kind.