Sitting on top of the world


Was in the summer,
One early fall,
Just tryin' to find my
Little all and all,

Now she's gone,
An' I don't worry.
Lord, I'm sittin' on top of the world.

Was in the spring,
One summer's day,
Just when she left me,
She gone to stay.

Now don't come runnin',
Holdin' up your hand.
Can get me a woman,
Quick as you can get a man.

Happen for days,
Didn't know your name,
Oh, why should I worry
Or crave you in vain?

Went to the station,
Down in the yard,
Gonna get me a freight train,
Work's done got hard.

The lonesome days,
They have gone by,
Why should I beg you?
You said good-bye.