The leather-winged bat


Hi, said the little leather-winged bat,
I’ll tell you the reason that,
The reason that I fly thru the night,
Is because I lost my heart’s delight.

Hi, said the woodpecker sitting on a fence,
Once I courted a handsome wench,
She got saucy and from me fled,
Ever since then my head’s been red.

Hi, said the bluebird as she flew,
If I were a young man I’d court two,
If one got saucy and from me fled,
I’d still have another for to wed.

Hi, said the owl, with eyes so bright,
Lonesome day and a lonesome night,
Once I heard a pretty girl say,
Sing all night and sleep all day.

Hi, said the duck to the crane,
When do you think that we’ll have some rain,
The farm’s all muddy and the brook so dry,
If it weren’t for the tadpoles we’d all die.

Hi, said the pretty little turtle dove,
I will tell you how to love,
Court by night and court by day,
Never give her time to say, “oh, nay.”