This old hammer


This old hammer shine like silver,
Shine like gold, boys, shine like gold.

Don’t you hear that hammer ringing?
Driving steel, boys, driving steel.

Can’t find a hammer on this old mountain
Rings like mine, boys, rings like mine.

I’ve been working on this old mountain,
Seven long years, boys, seven long years.

I’m going back to Swannanoa Town-o,
That’s my home, boys, that’s my home.

Take this hammer, give it to the captain,
Tell him I’m gone, boys, tell him I’m gone.

If he asks you, was I laughin',
Tell him I was cryin’, boys, tell him I was cryin'.

If he asks you, was I runnin',
Tell him I was flyin', boys, tell him I was flyin'.

I don't want no cold iron shackles,
Around my legs, boys, around my legs.