The Elphin Knight


The elphin knight stands on yonder hill,
~ Blow, blow, blow winds, blow ~
He blows his horn both loud and shrill.
~ And the wind it blows so bonny o ~

He blows it east, he blows it west,
He blows it where he liketh best.

Married with me if thou wouldst be,
A courtesy thou must do for me.

You must make me a cambrick shirt,
Without any seam or needle work.

Then you must wash it in yonder dry well,
Where never sprung water nor rain ever fell.

If these courtesies I do for thee,
I hope you'll do as many for me.

Can you find me an acre of land,
Between the salt water and the sea sand?

Can you reap it with a sickle of leather,
And bind it all up with a peacock's feather?

When you have done, and finished your work,
Then come to me for your cambrick shirt.