Waillie, oh Waillie


Oh Waillie, Waillie up the bank,
And Waillie, Waillie doon the brae,
And Waillie, Waillie yon burnside,
Where I and my love wont to gae.

Oh Waillie, Waillie but love be bonny,
A little while when it is new,
But when tis auld it waxeth cauld,
And fades away like morning dew.

When cockle shells turn silver bells,
Then will my love return to me,
When roses grow 'neath winter snow,
Then will my love return to me.

As we came by in Glasgow town,
We were a comely sight tae see,
My love was clad in the red velvet,
And I myself in cramasie.*

*dark crimson