Oria mu rodinedda
(My lovely swallow)

Griko, Italy

Oria mu rodinedda
A pu te ste stagi
Plea talassa s'aguaddi
Me tuto kalo cero

Aspro vasta to peto
Mavre vasta tes ale
O stavri kulor di mare
Me ti kudda lio nitti

Arotisa ti mana mou
Tin pleon agapimeni
Echi toso ka me meni
Chi allo toso na me di

Arotisa to ciuri mu
Ce oli ti getonia
Ce an iche omilia
Posa iche na mu pi

Kaidz abro sti talassa
Panda sena kanono
Lion gerni lion calei
Lion eghigi to nero
Oh, my lovely swallow,
where do you come from?
Which sea brings you here,
with such wonderful weather?

Your breast is white,
your feathers are black,
your saddle has the color of the sea,
and your tail opens just a little.

I asked you about my mother,
and my beloved
who hasn't seen me in so long,
and all the others who wait for me.

I asked you about my love,
and all the neighborhood,
and if you could speak
how many things you would say!

I'm sitting in front of the sea,
and always looking for you,
as you take wing, and fly,
and just touch the sea.