Tam przy dole przy dolinie
(There at the bottom of the valley)


There at the bottom of the valley
Broad leaf on the trees

Even wider on the sycamores
There Jasinio in a field plowing

And there Mania let her oxen graze
Until it became dark night

They grazed, grazed and were lost
The oxen did not return home

Whoever can find my oxen
I'd give him a wreath at once

Jasinio gets on the horse
Oxen came from the forest

From the forest, from under the oak
Mania removes the wreath from his head

My wreaths are very expensive
You do not pay for thou art poor

You do not pay ox or horse
Nor all your court

You do not pay inventory
But with me at the altar

Before the altar on the carpet
There, my garland remains