Songbat Records

The music industry is in tremendous flux right now; nobody except the prophets knows where it is headed. The old system is breaking down, and labels, even the established ones, don't have the resources to gamble on new artists. It is really an extraordinary time. But a time to get in there, and play a part in shaping what is to come.

I have started a record label, Songbat Records, as a vehicle for my own explorations into and promotion of traditional music. It is my hope that If I Had a Key to the Dawn will be the first of many recordings. (I have quite a few other projects in progress.) As the label grows, I am also open to the idea of producing other people's projects.

Why "Songbat"? A songbat is a creature who requires songs to live, as a fruitbat requires fruit. This creature can't help but do things a little differently, and spends a lot of time upside down; furthermore it doesn't mind darkness a bit and in fact rather prefers it. That's all the explanation I can provide since there isn't any more.