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Solo Recordings

Lily Storm, If I Had a Key to the Dawn (Songbat, 2009)

Lucia Comnes and Lily Storm, Violets and Roses (2007)

[You can still order a copy of Violets And Roses. My friend Lucia Comnes and I have made a short recording of songs from the Balkans and Eastern Europe, sung in traditional two-part a cappella harmony. It is raw and pure, sung in a village style, with natural acoustics and very little editing. Order a copy by mail by sending an e-mail. We will also release the tracks digitally soon.]

With Kitka

Kitka and Davka, Old and New World Jewish Music (Forest Creatures Productions, 2006)

Kitka, Wintersongs (Diaphonica, 2003)

Kitka, The Vine (Diaphonica, 2002)

Kitka and Ensemble Alcatraz, Cantigas de Amigo (Dorian, 2000)

Additional Discography

The Toids, Unblocked Ears (Odd Shaped Case, 2006)

Trio Mopmu, Torta Bulgarska (Odd Shaped Case, 2005)

[A review of Torta Bulgarska: All Music Guide]

RF, Falls (Odd Shaped Case, 2004)

Slaveja, self-titled album of the Bryn Mawr College folk choir (1999)