Bowling Green


Wish I was in Bowling Green,
Sittin' in a chair,
One arm round my pretty little miss,
The other 'round my dear,
The other 'round my dear,
Bowling Green,
Oh you good old Bowling Green.

If you see that man of mine,
Tell him once for me,
If he loves another girl,
Yes, I'II set him free,
Yes, I'II set him free.

Wish I was a bumblebee
Sailing through the air,
Sail right down to my true love's side,
Touch him if you dare,
Touch him if you dare.

Goin' through this whole wide world,
I’m goin' through alone;
Goin' through this whole wide world,
I ain't got no home,
I ain't got no home.

Goin' back to Bowling Green,
Don't know how or when;
When I get to Bowling Green,
I'll never leave again,
I'll never leave again.