Lu gattu la sonava la zampogna
(The cat was playing the bagpipe)

Italian lullaby

Lu gattu la sonava la zampogna
Lu sorce la davanti je ballava

La gallinella rifacea lu lettu
E lu gallettu je lu mesticava

Quante canzoni e quante canzonette
La famijola me le fa scordare

Chi vo' le scarpe e chi vo le carzette
Chi su la mezzanotte vo' lo pane

E mo' che mecredea d'ave' finitu
E chi vo' pijà moje e chi maritu
The cat was playing the bagpipe
And the mouse was dancing

The hen was making the bed
And the rooster fluffing the mattress

So many songs and tunes!
To make me forget my little family

Who want shoes and socks
And bread at midnight

And just when I thought I'd finished
Who want a wife or husband