In vernali tempore
(The spring-time)

Medieval Finland

In vernali tempore
Ortu laetabundo
Dum recedunt frigora,
Nuntiat hirundo:
Terrae, maris, nemoris
Decus adest deforis
Renovato mundo,
Vigor redit corporis,
Cedit dolor pectoris
Tempore iucundo.

Terra viret floribus
Et nemus virore,
Aves mulcent cantibus
Et vocis dulcore,
Aqua tempestatibus
Caret, aer imbribus,
Dulci plenus rore,
Sol consumptis nubibus
Radiis patentibus
Lucet cum dulcore.
The spring-time
Has come again.
The chill of winter is banished.
The swallow announces:
In land, sea, & forest
Beauty abounds,
The world is renewed.
Vigor returns to the body,
The torment of the soul vanishes
At this blissful time.

The land is green with flowers
And the forest is green.
Birds delight us with melodies
And sweet voices.
The sea is free of tempest,
The air is rainless
And full of fragrance.
The sun scatters the clouds,
Its spreading rays
Shine with gentleness.