Auga keime dagilelis
(A thistle grows in the backyard)

Lithuanian, from Western Samogitia

Auga keime dagilelis
Keime keimelie tėtušio dvarelie
Mirė mano motinelė, mirė mano sengalvelė
Palikau veina, veina siratelė
Aš nueisiu ont kapelių
Verksiu kukousiu gegutės balseliu
Kelkis, kelkis motineli, kelkis kelkis sengalveli
Nuramink širdelį vargšei siratelei
A thistle grows in the backyard
The little backyard in dear father's estate
My sweet mother has died, my dear old one
I am now left on my own, just a lonely orphan
I will go to the graves
I will cry, I will moan in a cuckoo's voice
Wake up, dear mother, get up, my old one
And calm down the little heart to your poor orphan